10000lb Sprung Brake Trailer Axle
10000lb Sprung Brake Trailer Axle
10000lb Sprung Brake Trailer Axle

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10000lb Sprung Brake Trailer Axle

Sale price$2,249.99
Size:HF=74 / SC=46

Our 10000# axles come pre-mounted with slipper springs, U-bolts, hubs, drums, and brakes ready to be mounted directly to the spring hangers.

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  • 12-1/4" x 3-3/8" Electric Drum Brake Assemblies
  • Underslung 30" x 2.5" 5000# Slipper Springs
  • 8-6.50" Hubs
  • 5/8"-18 Studs
  • 5" x 0.25" Tube

Dexter® Medium Duty Axles

  • Highest strength axle tube for industrial utility trailer axles
  • Materials used allow a stiffer and stronger axle beam with no camber required
  • Braking performance maximized by locating either the electric brake mounts on a piloted axle brake flange
  • Brake flanges are machined to assure perpendicularity and concentricity
  • Precision machined spindle are made of forged carbon steel
  • Replaceable unitized oil seal
  • Precision machined bearing journals
  • Spindles are friction welded into axle tube for strength and alignment.
  • Dexter® manufactured brakes & hubs
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • ISO 9001 Certified Production Environment

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*Custom sizing options available. (Call to Inquire)